We’re starting preparations for XVIII EFPE Conference

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We’re starting preparations for XVIII EFPE Conference

25 January 2018 | EFPE | News

We are honored to announce that we are beginning preparations for XVIII Conference of European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services.
This year’s conference will be held in Szczecin on June 6-7, 2018 and the main topic of the meeting will be: Availability of e-ID and trust services in the cloud – digital single market for everyone

The themes of the 18th edition of the conference will focus on topics:

  • Common use of e-identification and trust services in day-to-day life – removing barriers and digitizing communication and business processes in the context of the ergonomics of e-identification tools in an international context;
  • Benefits from the implementation of trust services in document management systems, on-line banking and telecommunications services;
  • Transborder recognition of trust services and e-id on EU level and worldwide;
  • GDPR – The use of trust and e-identification services in the personal data protection;
  • Trust and e-ID services in public tenders;
  • Trust services and e-identification in healthcare – an overview of available solutions and case studies;
  • Existing solutions overview on the market of trust services and e-ID based on eIDAS;
  • Innovative technologies and solutions in the field of digital identification and mobile e-services;
  • Good practices and experience of security and accessibility of mobile electronic services and cloud technologies;
  • m Documents and mID – Experience, opportunities and facilities on international markets;
  • eIDAS compliance audits – Experience from european auditors and review of current requirements;
  • National identification midpoints – exchange of experience, good practices and status of notifications of identification systems;
  • Trust services in the cloud – exchange of practices and experience in the field of security and accessibility;