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SZCZECIN, 06 – 07 JUNE 2018

The universality of e-identification and trust services in the cloud – a digital market available to everyone

The European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services (EFPE) is one of the largest international conferences dedicated to the issues of trust services, in particular, the electronic signature and broadly understood public key infrastructure (PKI). This unique event is continuously evolving in Europe, providing users with current information on the latest market trends and “networking” in the growing community. Each year, the EFPE brings together international communities representing the areas of science, state and local government, the EU and business, thus becoming a mandatory meeting point on the calendar of these institutions.

This year’s XVIII edition of the conference was held in Szczecin on 6-7 June 2018, of which the main topic was the “Universality of e-identification and trust services in the cloud – a digital market available to everyone”.

The EFPE 2018 was attended by over 140 participants from 16 countries in Europe, Asia and America, namely: Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Iran, Kazakhstan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, the USA, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. Among the participants were the representatives of the European Commission, ETSI, the Ministry of Digitalisation of the Republic of Poland, public administration and commercial institutions using trust services (including a broadly represented group of financial institutions), software developers, service integrators, business advisors, as well as providers of trust services, in particular electronic signatures, identity providers and services related to electronic identification.

This year’s conference proved that we on the threshold of a dynamic opening on the domestic and international markets of trust and electronic identification services for broad applications in commercial services (both in the B2C and B2B relations), as well as in public administration, which is developing its services on-line. With the implementation and planned implementation of services based on cloud computing, trust services have “gained popularity” while electronic identification is gradually displacing paper processes carried out in the underground departments of individual entities.

During the conference, a discussion was also held on the opportunities and threats to the development of the digital market in the context of such regulations as eIDAS, GDPR or PSD2. The discussion was dominated by the opinion that properly designed and implemented trust and electronic identification services keep up with changes in the market. The representatives of public administration institutions pointed to the significance of introducing regulations at the national level, which should provide the appropriate framework for the implementation of such solutions as identification nodes or electronic delivery services. During the conference, there were also several presentations by market suppliers precisely presenting concrete how trust services, such as electronic signatures “in the cloud”, may be applied in current business processes offered to end users of the online services market – consumers and entrepreneurs.

The participants and organisers of the XVIII edition of the EFPE agreed that it is a unique moment in the trust services market, and next year’s edition of the Forum should broadly address the needs of new beneficiaries of electronic identification and trust services. They also pointed to the necessity for further close cooperation between the public and private sectors, which may contribute to the universality of application of the tools and services mentioned above.

Chairperson of the EFPE Programme Council 2018
Jerzy Pejaś
Szczecin, 26.06.2018

Summation 2018

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This year’s conference took place in Szczecin on 6 – 7 June 2018 and the main theme of the meeting was:

The universality of e-identification and trust services in the cloud – a digital market available to everyone

The themes of the 18th edition of the conference focused on the topics:

  • Widespread use of e-identification services and trust services in everyday life – removing barriers and digitizing communication and business processes in the context of ergonomics of international identification tools;
  • Benefits from the implementation of trust services in document circulation systems, electronic banking and telecommunications services;
  • Cross-border recognition of trust and e-identification services in the EU and the world;
  • The use of trust and e-identification services in the protection of personal data – how to address the new challenges posed by the RODO;
  • Trust and e-identification services in public tenders;
  • Trust services and e-identification in healthcare – an overview of available solutions and case studies;
  • Overview of the functioning solutions on the market of trust services and e-IDs in accordance with eIDAS requirements;
  • Innovative technologies and solutions in the field of digital identification and mobile e-services;
  • Good practices and experience in the area of security and accessibility of mobile electronic services and cloud technologies;
  • mDokumenty i mID – Experience, opportunities and opportunities on international markets;
  • eIDAS compliance audits – challenges, experiences and an overview of current requirements;
  • National identification nodes – exchange of experiences, good practices and the status of notifications of identification systems;
  • Trust services in the cloud – exchange of practices and experiences in the field of security and accessibility;

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